Educational Technology A Brief History And Benefits

Right from the onset of civilization, if there is one thing that mankind has always worked on for enduring a better lifestyle, than that has to be Technology. Educational technology has its roots grouted deep in the history of mankind as seen in the example of cave paintings. However, it is believed to truly be recognized in the 1900″s with the emergence of educational films and Sidney Pressey’s machines of mechanical teaching in the 1920.

The first eminent usage of the above mentioned technology finds its root in World War II, where soldiers were trained by means of well documented movies and related material. Nowadays, audio and visual clips and power point presentations play one of the most important roles in trainings and education alike. Another unique invention of Education Technology was seen in the 1940′s was hypertext.

The 1950′s saw the emergence of two popular designs still in use. “Programmed instruction”, that worked on the principle of behavior of objects, the content was then broken into small bits because of which fast & correct responses were obtained was done by Skinners. Instructional Techniques endorsed by bloom varied both instructions and time. In the 1970′s through the 1990′s the models based on such designs were usually referred to as Computer based training and Computer-assisted instruction. Web based learning or e-learning as we generally refer to is nothing but a simplified form of the above. The breaking of text into smaller content & adding to it graphics make it the perfect presentation is the job of a course designer. Questions with multiple options & a quick assessment are necessary for self evaluation.

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Easybulb Demonstrates Smart Phone Controlled Lights – Turn That App On Or Off!

Smart phones have redefined the way we communicate with others and now it can be actively availed to communicate with lights in your living area. Smart phone controlled lights such as Easybulb swiftly suits any smart phone that is Apple or Android based. However, it can still be turned on/off by using a conventional wall switch. Moreover, these smart LED light bulbs are even secure to operate only from authorized devices. You can control it not just from a single phone but as many as you wish by authorizing and applying proper security settings.

They are extremely energy efficient, given the fact that the app used to control these lights consumes very little battery power on your devices. All you would need is a single Wi-Fi controller that establishes a connection between the lights and the Android or Apple based phone or device to control and communicate with them effectively. So, its no longer, turn that light on/off but turn that app off/on, as you can take complete control of your lights with a simple app. You can just download the free app that helps you to operate LED lights and change its color as required. An important aspect is LED lights like Easybulb are far durable with absolutely no power surge issues when compared to conventional light bulbs, and can run for a stunning 50,000 hours or 25 years! So its right on your money!

Phone controlled lights like Easybulb can also be operated with a remote control if you turned off your smart phone or simply wish not to use it. Given the fact that lighting is responsible for almost one quarter of our energy consumption, investing on iphone controlled lights like Easybulb can be a prudent choice for long term. Installing an Easybulb is also a cinch as there are no wires involved and there is absolutely no need to rely on any expert electrician (it is as easy as removing a conventional bulb). These lights can be availed in houses, hospitals, schools, studios, offices, and more. You can also avail the attractive sequence modes available in phone controlled lights to match your occasion or mood.

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Av Voice Changer Software Diamond 8 Draws Interests With More Nickvoice Options

It has been several years since the last time I reviewed a software program, but recently, after attending an interesting testing session with AVnex on their new version of VCSD I was inspired to write this review. Let’s take a quick review of these nickvoices for the new AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8!

A voice changing tool normally modifies a voice to sound like another voice; not an easy task. For example, a boy may wish to speak like a baby girl, a girl wants to sound like an angry daddy, etc. In previous voice changer software versions, you found only the most basic nickvoices and a few animal sounds. Therefore, you needed to take several extra steps in order to achieve the desired output. Fortunately, as you can see in this impressive image of the main screen, your choices have been greatly expanded in the new library of nickvoices. Users can choose not just a girls or boys voice, but choose age, attitude, and type as well. This means you will be able to create your desired output more precisely than ever before.

Another big plus is that you will find a cool nickvoice list specifically for movie making purpose like X-men, devil, witch, robot, angel, etc. This addition was a big surprise to me, and made me feel like I was testing a professional movie editing tool, not just a simple voice changer tool. Moreover, its non-human voices categories include many new animal sounds and plenty of voice effects to make your output sound even more genuine. I was totally impressed by the amount of new nickvoices and the wide range of voices and animals it included.

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Common Features Of Antivirus Software

Ask most people what the latest version of McAfee or Norton installed on their home computer actually does, and they’ll likely tell you it protects them from computer viruses. While that’s true, it’s a little too simple of an answer. Today’s best antivirus software has many features designed to protect users from a variety of online threats viruses, spyware, Trojans, and worms, for instance and optimize computer performance. Here are the most common ones:

Scans of incoming files: Trying to open a file someone sent you? Visiting a Web site that contains a hidden virus? Many antivirus programs will stop these files from entering your system. Often, you’ll get a notification that a Trojan is trying to enter your system. When it’s detected at this stage, it can easily be blocked.

Scans of the computer: Sometimes viruses and other malware get missed by screening tools, no matter how careful you are. You can perform a system scan using most antivirus software. At the end, you’ll be informed of any potential threats that were found and how these threats were resolved.

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Samsung S5620 Monte Pink Is Outstanding Gadget

Samsung S5620 Monte Pink Mobile on Vodafone PAYG is a hub of multimedia features. The gadget has exceptional functionality and makes a sophisticated statement with its sleek design. The phone possesses 3.0 inches TFT capacitive Touch-screen displaying 256k colours, for better view ability. There are accelerometer sensors for auto-rotation and amazing TouchWiz User Interface along with the features of Smart Unlock and turn to mute. The screen has a fair resolution of 240 x 400 pixels for better visibility of web pages, pictures, and videos.
Samsung S5620 Monte pink mobile specifications give you fundamental applications of messaging like SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, and Palringo IM. The gadget integrates social networking widgets like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Bebo helping you to stay connected with your family and friends with incredible ease and comfort. You can share your status, post comments and upload your recent happenings keeping intact with social network. You can enjoy downloadable games and stereo FM radio with RDS. The ability of the handset to get connected to GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WLAN helps in connecting with networks and enjoy quick and efficient services. It incorporates Google Maps 3.0 to help you locate and find new destinations and paths.
Apart from these many useful applications, there is flood of multimedia features in the amiable handset. Samsung S5620 Monte pink has a primary camera of 3.15 Megapixels, which enables in taking pictures of your memorable moments in a fair size of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The camera entails features of Geo-Tagging and smile detection as well and ability to record videos- QVGA at 15 fps. There is secondary camera for video calling, which gives output in format of CIF. The inbuilt MP3/WMA/eAAC+ player and MP4/H.263/H.264 player helps you in listening to your favourite music tracks.
The handset gives you the storage space of 1000 phonebook entries with photo-call and you can retrieve call records in its 200 MB of internal memory. However, you can increase your database of pictures, music files, and videos up to 16 GB via removable memory card slot. The inbuilt Bluetooth and USB interface helps in data exchange with other devices. Samsung S5620 Monte pink encases one of the powerful battery mechanisms that deliver talk-time of over 9 hours in 2G and over 4 hours in 3G.
Samsung S5620 Monte Pink Mobile Vodafone PAYG price is not expensive if it is valued against the loaded multimedia applications and outstanding features it embeds. Definitely, the mobile is the best pick giving the perfect value of money. Moreover, the gadget comes with a special offer of availing the entire DVD pack of Sex and The City Season 6. So you can enjoy communication, multimedia, exceptional features along with the sensational TV serial.